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The Program's Commitment

Committment Our program staff work with each student on an individual basis. Once we make a commitment to you, we want to help you make it all the way from start to finish.If you are chosen as a Renaissance Scholar, the program will provide you with some or all of the following, depending on your personal situation:
  • College Enrollment Guidance – Applying to college can be daunting.
    If you are just starting your college journey, we offer help with the enrollment process, such as guidance in completing the application, obtaining transcripts from high school or other colleges you may have attended, and assembling other pertinent documentation.
  • Financial Aid Guidance – Program staff work with the student and the college’s financial aid office to ensure that the necessary paperwork for determining and maintaining eligibility for aid is filed appropriately.
  • Tuition and Other Funding Aid – The program offers tuition assistance to supplement other sources of available financial aid. In addition, the program can help with other expenses, such as the application fee and tutoring, enabling the most success for these students.
  • Academic Support – Should you need help mastering your coursework, the program can arrange for private tutors who will work one-on-one with you to help you progress.
  • Counseling and Mentoring – Completing an education, especially when you have other responsibilities at home, can be challenging physically and emotionally. The program offers confidential counseling and advisement to help scholars overcome barriers and stay on track. As needed, scholars may be paired with mentors currently employed in the health care profession.
  • Graduation Awards – When you graduate, you may receive additional financial assistance to help cover the cost of professional clothing, supplies, certification or licensing fees, or other expenses related to getting started in your first job in your new profession. You earned it!

Your Commitment

When you become a scholar, you will be making an important commitment to the program goals. More importantly, you are taking steps to help yourself, your family and your community. Students are expected to make steady academic progress in order to maintain their status as a Renaissance Scholar as they work to complete their degree.